Friday, April 22, 2011

The Best Way To Kick Off A New Blog Is With A Few Freebies :)

Hello Again Crafty Friends :)  

So I got to thinking, what sort of ways could I kick off my new blog, make some new friends & introduce myself & my new ETSY Shop - all at the same time?

Why with a fun Freebie Giveaway, of course!

And what fun is a Freebie, if everyone doesn't get one? 
Not fun at all, I say!

So my dear new Bloggy Friends, I have come up with a few fun ideas...

First...a 'Good Faith Freebie'... 
....just to break the ice, and let you all know I will deliver on some sweet images. 
( Make sure that you click on the images, to get the higher quality image.)

Since it is Easter weekend, I will post some sweet Vintage Easter Images for you to use in your artistic endevors.

These images would look lovely collaged together on a wooden box, as fabric transfers, or maybe some Spring cards. (Use a mirror image for transfers.) They work well both digitally, and in their printed form, and can be used in quite a number of ways.

Now, for even more fun.

-If you follow this blog as a reader

-visit my ETSY Shop Danae's Crafty Designs

-and send me an email letting me know that you are a blog reader & what your favorite print in my ETSY store was.

*I will send you a special 3 Pack of my Digital Vintage Art for your personal use. I will choose a pair of my original Digital Vintage Collage Wall Art pieces; and 1 Vintage Collage Sheet for you to use in your personal art.

*This is with the knowledge that you will be on my Blog & Shop's mailing list- and may receive occaisional emails containing shop promotions, coupons & of course...freebies.  :) There will never be more than 1 email per month- I hate spam as much as the next gal!

-If you have a blog, and/or an ETSY Shop, then please add its URL to the email so I may visit and join as well. :)
I'm super excited about starting this new blog- meeting new friends & giving away fun freebies while promoting my art! Here's to starting off Spring right :)

~Until next time...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hello Folks in Blogland!

I am Danae, the Crafty Chick... and I am here once again- beginning yet another Blogging Adventure - would you care to join me? 

Let's see... I have tea, and cookies... and Art.... LOTS & LOTS of ART! And many wonderful ideas brewin' in me old noggin- just ripe for creating more art.
You see, I am an 'Idea Girl'. I have so many ideas, that I could not possibly tackle all of them in this one lifetime- so I like to share em with others. (Don't worry- I save some for myself too.)
In this Blog, I plan to share plenty of those great Artsy Craftsy ideas, along with the latest Art from my ETSY Shop, How To's, Freebies from Blogland & much more.
I do hope you will pull up a soft chair, a cuppa tea, and something to nibble on.... we will have lot's of fun- I promise.  :)
~Danae the Crafty Chick